Aug 15

Miniature Pinscher AKC Breed Standard Translated


Photo Credit: Robert Engberg on Flickr

Below, you will find excerpts from the AKC Miniature Pinscher “Meet the Breeds” and how they translate in real life.

AKC says…

Known as the “King of the Toys.”

Alert, spirited and fearless

The Miniature Pinscher can really spice up a person’s life

This dog is small, but he doesn’t know it!

Lively curiosity

Bravely challenging intruders with their bold, insistent bark.

He may be stubborn, but he’s also smart.

Jana says…

It will rule your house if you let him.

Thinks he could take a Doberman in a fight..

You will spend enormous amounts of time either chasing after it or laughing at its pranks.

Possible vet bills from taking on larger dogs.


I call my Min Pins, “Head of Security,” and they take their jobs seriously.

Possibly too smart. Also clever, conniving, strategic; little devils, for short

In conclusion…

If you are thinking about getting a Min Pin, note that though it may be possible to keep the Min Pin from stealing your laundry, you won’t be able to keep it from stealing your heart.

Further Information

AKC MEET THE BREEDS®: Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher Club of America, Inc.

How to Pick a Puppy (PDF) from AKC web site

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