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Aug 13

How to House Train Your Dog

Athena vs. Toilet paper

House Training vs. House Breaking House training a dog is more than just potty training. It is teaching a dog how to act in the house. In addition to potty training, house training includes teaching your dog which chew toys are appropriate, rules about getting on the furniture, how to act when you are eating …

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Jul 29

Potty Training My Min PIn–Again

After our Min Pin, Athena, was potty trained in 2008, I didn’t think I would have to do it again, but I was mistaken. I have taken her to my parents’ house, and she doesn’t consider their house her den like she does at our house. Why? I have no idea. If you have any …

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Jul 27

Crate Training a Miniature Pinscher: Should You Try It?

Photo Credit: Jinx McCombs on Flickr Why Crate Train? Crate training can be a useful tool for the owner of any breed of dog, but it is especially useful for Min Pin owners. Not only does crate training a dog reduce the number of messes on the floor, it also provides a safety for the …

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