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Jan 30

How to Outfit Your Min Pin in Style

Seven Items You Need Before Bringing Your Min Pin Home Tons of cool gear is available for dogs, and a lot of it is specifically for small dogs, such as miniature pinschers.  Amidst the designer water bowls, glittery t-shirts, and Bruce Springsteen inspired jackets, there are some must-have items.  Before you bring your new puppy …

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Sep 12

Circovirus: A New Threat to Dogs

Unusual Virus Spreads in Ohio The recent death of four dogs in Ohio has sparked concern about the spread of a new virus, which, until recently, had never been described in dogs. Four Ohio dogs died recently, and a virus new to dogs is suspected. The dogs were from more than one area of Ohio: …

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Aug 25

Vicious Chihuahuas Attack Detroit

Nano, a min pin-chihuahua mix.

Are You Scared of Chihuahuas? Maybe you should be When you think of chihuahuas, min pins, or other small dogs, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I think of my sweet little Nano (left), and I’m sure that other small dog owners think of their dogs in the same way. My brother …

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Oct 13

Is Breakfast the Meal of Champions for Dogs?

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but does it also hold true for dogs? According to recent research, it is. I’ve always fed my Min Pins two meals a day because if I don’t, their tummies get upset. It seems that I may have been helping their brains, …

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Sep 19

Laugh Out Loud

These jokes have been around awhile, but I think they are worth repeating. Do any of them sound familiar? FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE PETS, THIS IS A TRUE STORY. FOR  THOSE THAT DON’T, IT’S ALSO A TRUE STORY. The  following was found posted very low on a refrigerator door. Dear  Dogs and Cats: …

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Aug 15

Miniature Pinscher AKC Breed Standard Translated

Photo Credit: Robert Engberg on Flickr Below, you will find excerpts from the AKC Miniature Pinscher “Meet the Breeds” and how they translate in real life. In conclusion… If you are thinking about getting a Min Pin, note that though it may be possible to keep the Min Pin from stealing your laundry, you won’t …

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