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Apr 10

Life with a Chipin

Chipin postal alert

What is a Chipin?   A Chipin is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Miniature Pinscher.  Chi’s and Min Pins, as they are affectionately known, can each be a handful, and when combined, watch out!  You may have a sassy, willful, opinionated, and smart dog–possibly too smart–with an energy level that is off the charts. …

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Feb 14

Is Your Dog a Chihuahua or Miniature Pinscher?

Min Pin or Chihuahua?   Because of their similar size and sometimes similar coat color, MIniature Pinschers are often mistaken for Chihuahuas. However, Miniature Pinschers are very different than Chihuahuas. The Chihuahua breed is an ancient breed (circa 5th century A.D.) from Mexico and South America while the Miniature Pinscher originated half-way across the world …

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Jan 06

The Hackney-like Gait of a Miniature Pinscher

Hackney horse parades around the track with its high-stepping trot

The Prance of the “King of Toys” Have you ever seen your Miniature Pinscher trot around the room like it was prancing? You have likely just seen the characteristic Hackney gait of a Min Pin. My Min Pin, Nano, struts his stuff when he has a “prize,” like a toy or has just caught a …

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Mar 19

So You Think You Want a Miniature Pinscher?

So You Think You Want a Miniature Pinscher? Why I Love Miniature Pinschers Miniature pinschers (affectionately known as min pins) are the greatest breed of dog on earth. They are graceful, charming, funny, smart, and endearing. I have happened to be lucky enough to own the three greatest miniature pinschers on earth, except yours of …

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