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Mar 17

Min Pin on the Loose: What to Do If Your Dog is Missing

Maddox, a beloved Miniature Pinscher, was lost December 2012.

Miniature Pinschers are Escape Artists Min Pins are notorious for getting loose. Being independent thinkers, their little minds are constantly whirring, and when they get the idea of getting out, sometimes it’s hard to stop them. So, what should you do when your dog gets loose? Maddox, Come Home This story is for little Maddox, …

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Feb 16

Help Find a Lost Miniature Pinscher

lost min pin

Miniature Pinscher Lost in Oklahoma City, OK A Miniature Pinscher was lost in OKC on Christmas Eve 2012 and has yet to be found as of Feb. 7, 2014. Although he was lost in OKC, this Min Pin was from California. Maddox is a male black and tan Miniature Pinscher with a docked tail and …

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Feb 08

Ferocious Detroit Chihuahua Pack: Fact or Fiction?

growling chihuahua

How Numerous are Stray Dogs in Detroit? It has been widely circulated (Bloomberg, Rolling Stone, U.K. Daily Mail, the Washington Times, and Yahoo news) that as many as 50,000 stray dogs roam the streets of Detroit. Indeed, I posted about the stray dog problem in Detroit last August in the post Vicious Chihuahuas Attack Detroit in which Detroit postal workers …

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Sep 12

Circovirus: A New Threat to Dogs

Unusual Virus Spreads in Ohio The recent death of four dogs in Ohio has sparked concern about the spread of a new virus, which, until recently, had never been described in dogs. Four Ohio dogs died recently, and a virus new to dogs is suspected. The dogs were from more than one area of Ohio: …

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Sep 02

Salmonella Contaminated Purina ONE Recalled

Purina ONE recalled. Photo: from Nestle Purina PetCare Company issued a voluntary recall of a limited number of bags of Purina ONE beyOnd Our White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food. The recall was issued August 30, 2013. One bag of dog food produced in that run was contaminated with Salmonella, …

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Feb 21

Are Dogs Dangerous?

What is a Dangerous Dog? Preventing innocent people from being bitten by dogs with careless owners is a major problem. However, dogs being euthanized just for “being dogs” is also unjust. Many states  have tried to legislate a fair way to distinguish between the two extremes, but much is lacking in understanding the problem from …

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