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Sep 02

Salmonella Contaminated Purina ONE Recalled

Purina ONE recalled. Photo: from Nestle Purina PetCare Company issued a voluntary recall of a limited number of bags of Purina ONE beyOnd Our White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food.┬áThe recall was issued August 30, 2013. One bag of dog food produced in that run was contaminated with Salmonella, …

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Feb 11

How to Treat Ringworm in Dogs

=/   Ringworm in Dogs Athena’s Ordeal My dog, Athena, is a beautiful red miniature pinscher. She is spirited, lively, and an avid hunter. She hunts everything that moves, and has even caught a squirrel or two. In addition she, like all dogs, likes to roll in dead things. This is how I believe she …

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Feb 05

Top 5 What NOT to Do for Your Sick Dog

Photo Credit: Garden State Hiker on Flickr Don’t give human medicines without the advice of a veterinarian. Although dogs and humans are quite similar in most aspects of their physiology, subtle differences do exist, and those differences can lead to tragedy if they are not addressed. Thus, many medications that are safe for humans are …

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Jan 28

How to Care for Your Sick Dog

Photo Credit: Jana Comer I can’t sleep tonight. My dog, Athena, is sick. She started showing symptoms at 5:05 Friday. It is now the wee hours of Monday morning. I know that I will be able to talk to her veterinarian in a few hours, but her coughing keeps me awake. I am not awake …

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Jul 29

Top Five Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Bailey, the Miniature Pinscher here, was displaced by the Joplin, MO tornado in 2012. Photo credit: Joplin Tornado Lost and Found Pets on Flickr. We love our dogs and don’t want anything bad to happen to them. However, the reality is that dogs will get into things, and many times, there is nothing we can …

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Jul 29

Riding in Cars with Dogs: Doggie Seat Belts?

I thought car restraint systems for dogs were silly and only used by people fanatical about their dogs until one day when I was driving with my Miniature Pinscher, Zeus. Because I was driving by myself that day, he was in his carrier instead of his usual place in the passenger seat on my lap. …

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Jul 24

Color Dilution Alopecia in Miniature Pinschers: Should Blue and Fawn Min Pins Be Bred?

Border Collie with Colour dilution alopoecia Photo Credit: At the VETS Veterinary Clinic What is color-dilution alopecia? Color-dilution alopecia is a hereditary skin disease found in “color-diluted” dogs caused by the d1 allele of the color dilution gene (Kim et al, 2005). The Miniature Pinscher is one dog breed affected by this disease. Color-diluted Min …

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Jul 19

Raw Meat Diet: Healthful or Harmful?

dog with bone

Photo Credit: Amanda Hirsch on Flickr What does the cooking process do to meat? Cooking unfolds (denatures) the proteins in meat. Imagine a string of beads wadded up in your hand. Now, imagine letting that string dangle from your finger. This is the exact same way that cooking changes the meat. It does not change …

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Jul 16

Alkaline Batteries: Household Hazard

sick miniature pinscher

At one time or another, everyone with a Min Pin has thought, “What will it get into next?” One thing I never worried about was alkaline batteries. However, one day I found my Miniature Pinscher, Athena, chewing on one. Luckily, she hadn’t gotten inside the battery yet, but had I not caught her in time, …

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