Monthly Archive: June 2014

Jun 28

Toxic Algal Blooms Are Dangerous to Dogs

Surface water affected by blue green algae can have a green "paint-like" appearance."

Dog Succumbs to Algal Bloom Toxins In a June 26, 2014, report, KMSP-TV (Minneapolis-St Paul) described the tragedy a Minnesota family encountered in a seemingly benign setting. The Tatge family was enjoying a Sunday afternoon at a Minnesota lake¬†with their faithful canine companion, Copper. Copper had ventured into Prairie Lake to play one of his …

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Jun 27

Why Rescue a Dog: A Miniature Pinscher Story

Why Rescue? Nothing is more heart warming than when you first bring a skinny, scruffy dog into your home, he looks around, and from the look on his face you can tell that he is thinking, “This will do quite nicely. I did well when I picked this person.” Nano’s Story We rescued Nano, a …

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