Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 21

Are Dogs Dangerous?

What is a Dangerous Dog? Preventing innocent people from being bitten by dogs with careless owners is a major problem. However, dogs being euthanized just for “being dogs” is also unjust. Many statesĀ  have tried to legislate a fair way to distinguish between the two extremes, but much is lacking in understanding the problem from …

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Feb 11

How to Treat Ringworm in Dogs

=/   Ringworm in Dogs Athena’s Ordeal My dog, Athena, is a beautiful red miniature pinscher. She is spirited, lively, and an avid hunter. She hunts everything that moves, and has even caught a squirrel or two. In addition she, like all dogs, likes to roll in dead things. This is how I believe she …

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Feb 05

Top 5 What NOT to Do for Your Sick Dog

Photo Credit: Garden State Hiker on Flickr Don’t give human medicines without the advice of a veterinarian. Although dogs and humans are quite similar in most aspects of their physiology, subtle differences do exist, and those differences can lead to tragedy if they are not addressed. Thus, many medications that are safe for humans are …

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