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Crate Training a Miniature Pinscher: Should You Try It?


Photo Credit: Jinx McCombs on Flickr

Why Crate Train?

Crate training can be a useful tool for the owner of any breed of dog, but it is especially useful for Min Pin owners. Not only does crate training a dog reduce the number of messes on the floor, it also provides a safety for the dog in your absence. Another benefit of crate training is that many dogs feel safer and are calmer in a crate while you are gone.

Crate training Miniature Pinschers is especially helpful because Min Pins’ natural curiosity and energy can lead to mischief. This is dangerous to your dog as well as your possessions.

House Training vs. Potty Training
Potty training your puppy is simply training your dog to eliminate in a place that you designates (outdoors, training pads, etc.). House training your puppy encompasses that and more. House training is teaching your dog how to act in the house. In addition to potty training, house training includes teaching what is an appropriate chew, and any other rules you set, like rules about getting on furniture, how to act during dinner time (yours and theirs), etc. Crate training is helpful with all aspects of house training, but the focus of crate training discussed here is potty training.

What is Crate Training?

Crate training, just like the name implies, is training your dog that the crate is his home or den. A dog will not eliminate in its den, and therefore you can leave the dog in its crate while you are gone without coming home to a mess. This can help tremendously while potty training. However, keep in mind that young pups or older dogs new to crate training can only be left in a crate for a short time without a break outside. This is why an inner “den” and outer “elimination area” (discussed below) are important.

How does Crate Training Work?

To crate train, you need an outer elimination area lined with newspapers or training pads and smaller area that the dog can consider its den where it does not eliminate. This set up can be used not only for potty training, but house training, also.

Further Information:

This video shows the set up for the den/elimination areas as well as other tips for house training your puppy.


Other Resources:

Miniature Pinscher Club of America article about Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

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